Finding Hope in Every Season

A series of 12 challenges to help you build the habit of finding hope.

Thank you for accepting the challenge to start searching for hope!

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Have you noticed how, after buying a new vehicle, you suddenly see it everywhere? This simple truth reminds us that we find what we look for. So, why don't we apply this principle more intentionally in our spiritual lives?

We can spend hours engaged in political, economic, and social news, a habit so prevalent it's been termed "doomscrolling." Yet, in contrast, many of us dedicate only a few minutes to searching for the ultimate hope we find in Jesus Christ. It's time to change our habits and focus on “setting our minds on things ABOVE!” (Colossians 3:2).

As we approach Easter, a season of hope, we want to inspire you to build this habit and seek out hope a little more often!

In the days ahead, we'll issue a series of short, inspirational challenges. Simply search through your Turning Points Magazine, your daily email devotion, and most importantly, your Bible, to uncover specific reasons for hope. Then, we want you to share what you’ve discovered — and how God has encouraged you!

Here’s an example of what a challenge might look like on our Facebook page:

It’s time to go searching for hope! Finish this sentence from the March edition of Turning Points Magazine: “We can handle the stresses without only when…” Click here to submit your response.

Think of this as a digital “scavenger hunt” for hope! We'll provide the clues, and your task is to unearth the hope and report back.

The best part? Everyone can join at any time! All the free resources you need are available right here. We’ll even throw in three months of TurningPoint+ absolutely free!

We're excited about this journey of "hopescrolling" – a quest to discover and dwell on the promises we find throughout Scripture. In every season, He is faithful. May we all experience the peace that comes through Jesus Christ, our hope! (1 Timothy 1:1).

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